August 26, 2018

Laughing Man Coffee: Fair Trade And Organic!

Posted by Becka

A few years ago, I saw the documentary Hugh Jackman did, on the time he went to Africa. The title was Dukale's Dream and it followed Hugh over the course of time, finding the perfect coffee, but also seeing how hard coffee farmer work, to bring you your favorite coffee.

After completing this, Hugh went on to create the Laughing Man Foundation, bringing fair trade and certified organic coffee, to those that only want the best!

I started drinking Laughing Man Coffee over a year ago, since it was harder to find until recently, when it was in my local grocery store, as well as my local Target. I also have a monthly subscription through Keurig, so I am sure to have enough of my two favorite Laughing Man flavors:

Hugh's Blend: 

A delicious blend of green apple and toasted graham cracker.

Dukale's Blend:

A bit of a tribute to Dukale, featuring chocolate and plum.

The Laughing Man Foundation, gives back to the coffee farming communities and helps grow organic and fair trade practices. Currently, they are partnering with Fair Trade USA, to help coffee farmers in Colombia. Read more about them HERE

Also, not only does Laughing Man produce amazingly delicious coffee, their cups are completely environmental friendly. 

In all, if you are looking for a delicious coffee as well as a way to help the environment and fair trade coffee farmers, next time you are out, look for a box of Laughing Man K-Cups, or a bag of Laughing Man Roasted Flavors. 

They slo now have a ONLINE SHOP, so you can support the foundation in other ways! 

If you are in the New York City Area, visit one of their two locations: 

184 Duane St.
New York, NY 10013

1 North End Ave.
New York, NY 10282


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