October 18, 2013

Ok so it took a while to get here!

Posted by Becka
We left on October 5th for our journey across the country. We loved seeing all the sights of different states as we drove through them. I would have loved to have seen the friends I know along the way, but there was not enough time :(.

I have to say though, that Nebraska, though beautiful, is very flat and kind of boring to drive through. :/

Everything was going amazingly well, until we hit Denver.

The minute we hit Denver, the UHaul broke down. So, we spent a little more time than we thought we would there. But, at least the scenery was beautiful!!

We finally got to Las Vegas on October 10th. And I have to say, the glitch in the road was worth the end result!

We love it here! Though, I will try to avoid the Strip like the plague, unless there is something there worth blogging about. (The upcoming Life is Beautiful Festival maybe?)

I do have some other things I want to blog about :D I will have to get those out of drat and into the world!

Thanks for taking a look :D


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