October 20, 2013

My new addiction: Pressed Juicery

Posted by Becka
Within the last few months I was introduced to the Pressed Juicery name. I was living in Upstate New York up until a few weeks ago and there really was no way to get it. At least, I didn't want to chance it going bad by the time it got to me. I wanted all of its yummy goodness :). My friend in California was going to send it to me, but it was suggested she didn't, since it only is good for 3 days.

This is amazing, raw, un-pasteruized and no added anything! It is like drinking a little bit of Heaven in every bottle. I will eventually try every one. In fact, i am about to buy myself a gift card for future purchases.

Now I live in Las Vegas. I ordered my own personalized 6 pack of juices, which I will have the last of today.

Because I am now addicted, I decided to try their 1 Day Cleanse.
This includes:
Chocolate Almond
Greens 2

Roots 2

Citrus 2

Greens 3

Vanilla Almond

All of this yummy raw goodness should be arriving at my doorstep this week! I will be sure to come back and tell you my experience. I have never done a cleanse before, so this should prove interesting.

You can also order their Aloe and Chlorophyll waters to aid in your cleanse.

Here is a picture of their full menu. I wonder what it would take to get them to come to Las Vegas :) I would be happy to run a store!! I have retail and management experience. And this would fare VERY well here!

Check them out on the Internet!:

Click HERE for their physical locations as well.

Follow founders Hayden Slater and Carly de Castro on Twitter 

And read their story HERE

Before you order from Pressed Juicery, remember they are unpasteurized/raw and that may cause issues with children, elderly and those with immune issues


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