October 21, 2013

Spread A Little Joy!

Posted by Becka
My dear friend Joy over at Joy On Your Shoulders is one of the most inspiring people I know. One day, I hope to meet her face to face!

Her Joyous creations each have an amazing message that help you through your every day lives. Whether one word (Namaste) or multiple (Make An Appointment With Joy), each will help you see how it's the little Joys in life that matter. 

I have mine hanging in my kitchen as a constant reminder of peace...it says "Namaste"

I currently have 2 to give away. I am thinking I MAY give them to my 2 elementary school kids teachers as Christmas gifts. The thought came to me as I picked them up the other day and saw how wonderful my 1st grader's teacher is with him. 

These are amazing creations. I may even get another one later on, as a blog giveaway :)

Have a Joyous day! 

Check out her website and order your own Joyful Creation HERE


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