June 13, 2011

Wyatt got into the preschool!!

Posted by Becka
I think I may have posted way back, I didn't remember. Anyway, the local school district has preschool AT the school. There are 28 slots. We registered Wyatt back on March 31. We later found out there were 31 kids registered!! (I heard last year that 2 of 3 triplets got in, personally, I feel if one set of multiples gets in then they should ALL get in...but it is a lottery...even so, that would not be too fair!)

I bought him his first Summer Bridge book and he loves it! (The others have always had them and yes, my 6th, soon to be 7th, grader, will also be doing one this summer!)

Also, I saw an awesome suggestion on Facebook the other day and I wish I had thought of it when the odler 2 were in school. Buy "Oh, The Places You'll Go" and have every teacher your child has through school sign it! I think I will do that for the boys :) What an awesome idea!

Wyatt is actually my 2nd child to attend preschool. Nick was in day care from 13 months to 3, and some of his friends went to school...so he wanted to go with them. He had a great time! Michele never went, though,she id attend day care for a year between 2 and 3 years of age. But who can refuse FREE preschool, AT the school, where he will also see his sister every once in a while!?

I think I am as excited as he is about this new venture (since it is not Montessori, sadly, it will be a totally different environment for him)


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