June 7, 2011


Posted by Becka
So tonight around 8:30pm, our next door neighbor came to the door. He said he thought the kids (the little men were asleep/going to bed, so it was only the older 2) would like to see a turtle laying eggs in our backyard!

I was SO excited, I have never seen a turtle laying eggs. The kids were really excited too!!!!

He also showed me the egg shells that were scattered around the spot where she was laying the eggs :(

So I came in and asked around Facebook and Google to see how I can protect the eggs. I could not find chicken wire or screens, so I looked around outside and found a small storage crate and some bricks. I am hoping that this will keep them safe, until I can go get something sturdier tomorrow!

Here are a couple pics. I hope we can keep them safe for the next 6-12 weeks!

Hoping to come back tomorrow with GOOD news about our little hatchlings!


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