July 2, 2014

Shifting Gears: A Review

Posted by Becka

  • Paperback: 278 pages
  • Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (May 16, 2014)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1499575939
  • ISBN-13: 978-1499575934
abook      It’s been three years since Holt Maddox disappeared from and oral Springs and out of Niki Stringer’s life without a trace. Then one night while sitting in her favorite bar, there he was. What was he doing back here? Why did he bring his dog to her vet clinic? And what was his explanation for three years of no calls, no emails and no trace of him what so ever?
Holt, a bounty hunter and Niki, a Veterinarian, met three years ago and it soon turned into a beautiful yet mysterious love affair. After his disappearance Niki moved on with her life, becoming head vet and trying to put her past where it belonged. Until Holt showed up again and turned her world upside down.
No matter how hard Niki tries, she just can not push Holt out of her life. But Niki soon leanrs that not everything is as it seems. She receives a phone call about her former boss that makes her question Holt’s intentions, as well as the real whereabouts of her former boss, whom she has not heard from since she replaced him.
Is Holt really there for her? Did he have other intentions…and will Niki be the one hurt in all of this?

This was an amazing book and I can not wait to read the rest of Niki and Holt’s story!

The author was amazing enough to answer some of my questions:

Thanks Becka for taking the time to read Shifting Gears and I’m honored to do an interview for you. I ‘m glad you enjoyed it! I’m attaching a pic of me as well as an image of the front cover and a pic of the inspiration behind Holt Maddox. Use whatever you need :-)…If you need anything else from me just let me know! Thanks Becka!
What or who gave you the inspiration to write?
I started writing in elementary school. Haiku poems were my first love. Then on  to short stories and when I was a teenager I wrote my first what would now be considered a young adult novella. My English teachers and journalism teacher in school kept the passion alive within me to write as they commended me on my creations. In my adult life such authors as Kristen Ashley and Michelle Valentine inspired me to get back to the pen with the characters I had created in my head who always seemed to be lurking around. Their writing has had a profound influence in the subject matter I choose to write about and the style of writing that I have made my own.
Why this genre?
I can tell you I personally enjoy reading in the New Adult genre and Romance period has been a favorite of mine since my teens. Guess it makes sense that the characters bee bopping along on the yellow brick road that is my mind would fit in these genres.
Was your family supportive during your journey?
Well….They absolutely were….BUT….you knew there had to be a BUT in there….It’s been challenging. I work a full time job, only to come home to be a full time mother to two beautiful amazing children. I’ve had to adjust my lifestyle as well as make some sacrifices along the way so I’m not going to lie there were some hairy times when I was in the “writing zone” or in the much dreaded “editing zone.” Overall I had their support and love and I thank them ever so much.
Will there be a sequel?
You know it! Gaining Ground is in the works right now and will complete the story of Holt and Niki. I will tell you however that Holt and Niki will be “popping up” in future stories with characters from their story that will have their own books…hint hint…Jax…
Did the book end up the way you wanted, or did it change as you went along?
I giggle as I read this question.  I had so much fun writing Shifting Gears. But I’m sooooooooooo not an outliner. Because of that I had no flipping clue what was going to happen next. Sometimes I was taken back at what was happening as I wrote. I can remember once having to shut my laptop in anger at one of the characters (yes Holt) I can also remember having a perfect view of how a scene was going to play out but as I got into it the outcome was a three sixty of the vision I had in my head. Holt and Niki, they are tricky little devils that keep me guessing until the last minute. I’m all about a HEA however so I can only HOPE they cooperate with me in the conclusion of their story.


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