August 31, 2010

Blog spotlight and tipping...

Posted by Becka
Ok so I decided to do another blog spotlight, especially since she posted about something that is a hot spot with me!

My awesome friend (for about 8 years now, though we have never met in real life) over at Life Unscripted posted about her job as a waitress, and the lack of tipping that goes on in the food service industry.

Many people just don't realize that those that are not in management in this industry just DO NOT make the money most people think they do!! I remember managing a Papa Johns. I made about $10-ish an hour, while my drivers made MAYBE $3-5 BEFORE tips!! (Yes people see a sign in the window of a local pizza place that says deliver drivers wanted, up to $10/hour...what they do not realize is that they MIGHT make $3 an hour, pushed up to $10 by TIPS!)

People in the food service live off their tips. So, if you decide not to tip that night (and everyone else around you does the same) your waiter/waitress/delivery driver might not even make it home because they can't afford the gas! (Pizza drivers pay their OWN gas)

I also remember driving for Dominos in college. I got the MOST tips from the POOREST sections and the LOWEST (if any) tips from the RICHEST!! Though as I went through life, I realized that many rich people are brought up to believe that only THEY deserved to have money because they worked OH SO HARD for it, while those that didn't make enough were apparently lazy. (You know, because driving around God's earth to deliver your pizza is easy, or waiting on a bunch of tables with customers who were never taught patience is fun!!)

Ok rant and ramble over :)

Just remember...tip well...because you are leaving your food in the hands of strangers...;) no telling WHAT they can do to your food...:)

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