August 19, 2010

Bad drink for you!

Posted by Becka
So I wake up this morning and think...there is something I am forgetting...or forgot. So I lay there for a bout 10 minutes then is comes to me......................

Nick's middle school open house was last night!!!!

UGH! Bad mommy me! It was supposed to be one to show him and us around and let him get a feel for where his classes are. Well, guess he will have to figure that out on his first day, huh? this prompted me to get all 3 of the older kids school stuff into ONE place!

My poor guy, going into middle school and now mommy is forgetting to do things for him lol. Guess he will just have to find his way around the real world alone from now on :)

So that might be a pattern...once you are out of elementary, you are on your own! Well, you can still live here, and eat our food...but you have to at least walk to the bus alone and find your way around your school without us there :) Sorry, no more following buses on the first day for you.

Aren't I terrible :)

I am sure he will do JUST fine in middle school. Though I might cry like a baby even more then I did when he started kindergarten...what will I be like  when he goes into high school?!

Good luck out there Nick! I know you will do great :)

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