February 24, 2010

If you live in Wake County, North Carolina, PLEASE READ!

Posted by Becka
Your urgent action is needed. The Wake County Public School System is making $20 million dollars in cuts to Central Serjavascript:void(0)vices, which includes Project Enlightenment, an early childhood education and early intervention program that serves families and teachers of children in Wake County prior to school age.


These budget cuts will likely include deep cuts at Project Enlightenment. Project Enlightenment is celebrating their 40th anniversary this year and is a model program. People have traveled as far as from Australia to see the work they do. Countless parents in Wake County have received parenting support and classes through Project Enlightenment, and countless preschool children have received help when struggling in preschool with behavioral challenges. Project Enlightenment trains so many teachers in the area on how to approach children, better classroom management techniques, help for special needs teachers... this is just absolutely unthinkable.

So far, this has not been reported anywhere. I learned about it from a brief email posted on the front door of Project Enlightenment and by speaking to several staff members (who were very concerned but unable to speak publicly). It sounds like the announcement of what will be cut will be made on Tuesday, and that will be the first time most of the county hears about this.

This is the most short-sighted move the school system has made yet. Early intervention for children with special needs and behavioral issues saves the school district millions of dollars in special needs services for elementary school children.

Nearly every preschool handbook in Wake County includes a note that if there are unresolvable issues with a child's behavior, Project Enlightenment will be called in to observe and consult with the parents and teacher.

And Project Enlightenment has a parent service where you can call at any time and schedule a free appointment to receive help with discipline strategies, disruptions to your child's life, etc. This service has helped so many families in Wake County.

If you support the work being done at Project Enlightenment, or think that parents have the right to know about these kinds of deep cuts BEFORE they happen, please spread the word. Pass this email along to your contacts. And take five minutes to call one or two members of the school board. If you know someone who has been helped by Project Enlightenment, tell their story, and if not, just ask them to please reconsider any cuts to this organization.

School board members:
Chris Malone 850-8865
Carolyn Morrison 850-8870
John Tedesco 850-8866
Deborah Prickett 850-8871
Kevin L. Hill 850-8867
Ron Margiotta 850-8872
Keith Sutton 850-8868
Debra Goldman 850-8873
Anne McLaurin 850-8869

Also, you can write a message to them through Facebook:

  • John Tedesco

  • Debra Goldman

  • Chris Malone

  • And please go tell them how you feel on WRAL

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