February 25, 2010

So yesterday while I was nursing the baby...

Posted by Becka
Wyatt decided it was ok to drop an egg on the floor. Awesome! He sure is my little firecracker. I have to watch him more then I did the older 2 combined! I swear it takes me 20 minutes to do something that used to take me under a minute! Even when I give him soemthing to occupy himself with while I am doing something, like making dinner, changing the baby or feeding the baby, or even cleaning the house, his attention turns away from the project at hand, and he is off to cause mischief. (Funny, since his Montessori teacher says he has great concentration!)

So I kindly tell him to step away from the egg...it takes him a few minutes, but thankfully he does without touching it (ick!). I continue to feed Evan with no other major incidents.

So I am done nursing Evan, and he is sound asleep on my lap. I transfer him to the Boppy, and get up. Wyatt is playing ever so nicely on the floor, so I head into the kitchen to clean up aforementioned dropped egg, making sure that all the other eggs are safe in their carton home. I am not 2 feet into the kitchen when I hear a THUD!

So I stop dead in my tracks, and in the millisecond it takes me to rush into the living room I am thinking of a few possibilities as to why I heard said THUD...did Evan fall, did something fall onto Wyatt, did Wyatt make Evan fall, did Wyatt fall, did Wyatt finally get over that railing?!

So I came in and no Wyatt...until I hear a small cry. Well, it finally happened...Wyatt ran to the chair by the window, climbed up to the top, and promptly fell right off, 3ft onto the hardwood floor! I raced over to him, and rushed him into the bedroom. (yea, secretly not wanting to wake up Evan, I know, horrible! But I had to take care of Wyatt!) I laid him down and checked his eyes, etc... But I knew he was not "right." S I called Chris and made him come home and take him to the ER. (I was not about to drag 4 kids to the ER alone, and since he lives quite close, he got home very quickly!)

So they leave for the ER, mama crying, and the other 2 not home so they have NO clue what is going on.

My baby had a concussion! Of course, I have said time and time again, since Wyatt started climbing this chair...at about a year old...that it needs to go, since no matter what happens, he always climbs it. Luckily today is he talking and acting fine, and eating great (considering he has had a poor appetite lately, maybe the bump was a good thing and made him eat!!)

Of course, as usual, I was blamed for not "standing over Wyatt at all time." Apparently you should corral all our kids into one room and hover over them at all times. Apparently I need to make sure I am always in the same room as him and never be more then an inch away from him. Wow this could prove uncomfortable when I have to go to the bathroom!

It is ok, because as Chris was standing over Wyatt, Evan, and Nick last night, Wyatt decided to drive over Evan with his bike...guess standing over them really works...huh?

Now, off to take care of my babies! Who happen to be doing something so cute right now, take a look!

Stay at home, business owning mom of 4 young kids, Nick the Sportsman, Michele the Princess, Wyatt the Wild One, and Evan the Baby. Bachelor in Early Childhood Development and Education, with 20 years experience. I could not ask for anything more!

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