March 19, 2018

When Depression And Suicide Hit Home

Posted by Becka

          I know it's been over a year since I have posted. I got a job, then another. Its been a busy year. But something happened to my Crypt Family this week, that I needed to blog about. 

          This week I lost a dear friend to suicide and the world lost a beautiful soul. Sonny was an 

amazing friend, a compassionate human being, devoted father and a loved member of the horror 

genre world. 

          He was a member of our believed Crypt Family, which, thanks to horror director/actor, Eli Roth, 

brought horror actors, film makers and lovers of the genre together. Sonny loved all things horror and 

loved being a part of our beloved family. 

          Sonny was always there with a helping hand, a compassion that no one can surpass, a kind 

word, life and love advice or just to lend a listening ear. He knew everyones loves and dislikes. Most 

importantly, he loved his baby girl. She was his world, his life and his heart. He would move heaven 

and earth for her. 

          But Sonny was suffering from a great battle with depression. Depression doesn't discriminate. 

It doesn't care if you are poor or rich, what color you are or what sexual orientation you are. Sadly, it 

can consume you, take over your life and not let you think coherently. You can not just "get over it" 

or "try to be positive" and hope it goes away. It is a chemical imbalance in the brain that can consume 

every part of your life, no matter what or who you have in it. 

          Sonny knew he had so, so many friends and family that loved him. But sometimes, it can be 

too much. Like Robin Williams, it doesn't matter how happy you may seem on the outside, on the 

inside, you can be falling apart. It doesn't matter where you are in life, if you have everything or 

nothing. Depression is deeper than most people can really understand. 

          Depression is not being sad once in a while. It is like trying to be happy, but your brain just 

won't let you. It is crying over nothing and everything all at once. Feeling like you can't get out of bed 

because you just don't want to face the world. A feeling of constant discord with everything. 

          If you know anyone that may suffer from depression or anxiety and they show signs of possibly 

wanting to end their own life, please, guide them, encourage them to seek help. Never speak down to 

them or tell them that they have to just do this or that to feel better. No amount of sunshine, yoga, 

eating better, etc... will make depression go away. If you fear for their safety, there are many options 

to get them help. 

          Please, if you know anyone that may need these services, call. Even if they may become upset

at you now, they will thank you later. I, personally, wish I had done more for Sonny. Talked with him

more, consoled him better and especially helped him more, when I saw that he was getting so down

that it was scaring me.

          We love you, Sonny. You will always be in our hearts and you will always be part of our Crypt Family.


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