February 11, 2016

Happy Crypt Family Day!

Posted by Becka

What is the Crypt Family you ask? 

Crypt TV, formally known simply as The Crypt, was developed by Master Eli Roth

Eli Roth

Eli is well known for such movies as Hostel, Inglorious Bastards, The Green Inferno, Knock Knock, and Hemlock Grove, to name a few. Eli wanted to bring the horror genre community together. The creators, the bloggers, the authors, the pod casters, the film makers, the artists and more. 

Our message in plain and simple...Weird Is Good. Our weird is what makes us creative, brings us together and makes us family. 

Come be a part of the weird. Like/Follow CryptTV on: 

Snap Chat: CryptTV

And if you want to meet some of our amazing Brand Ambassadors, 
look for us at conventions near you!  

(We have Brand Ambassadors in UK/Europe and other countries as well, so keep a look out!) 


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