November 29, 2015

When You Miss Home

Posted by Becka

Yes, I know I wasn't born in Las Vegas. But it was the closest feel of a "home" I have ever been. and I have lived in, now, 12, places. No place felt more like home than Las Vegas. 

I have amazing friends all over. But in Vegas I had my NaNo Family, Blogging Family, some amazingly talented artist friends and I was able to go to events, shows, premiers and more. 

I have been talking to a few of my Vegas friends and luckily, I am not along. Many would never leave Vegas and some have left and gone back. I hope, someday, I am one of those that left and will go back! 

I am hoping to go for my birthday, but that probably will not happen. I was invited to a blogger event in January and, sadly, that will also not happen. I have made it the plan to not go too long without going back. 

I see so many people who have just visited, most who have not even gone off the strip, who don't like it there. It's too bad they never experienced the "REAL" Las Vegas. 

I have really been in an "I miss home" funk lately. I am just happy I have a few people who understand and who I can talk to about it! 


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