September 20, 2015

It's Never Goodbye

Posted by Becka

Two years ago in October, 2013, we embarked on a cross country move from Stillwater, New York to Las Vegas, Nevada. For 2 years I have called Las Vegas my home, made the most of what I could: shows, movies, trips to the strip and casinos, Life Is Beautiful, Las Vegas Film Festival and more.

Now, almost exactly 2 years to the day that we arrived here, we are leaving. We are Nashville bound. New job, new home, new friends, new will be exciting, scary, sad, emotional, interesting, etc...

But as Dom says in Fast and Furious 7, "It's never goodbye," I will visit my west coast home :) My friends, my "family" and everything in between.

So, see you again soon Vegas. It's been a blast!


Constantine said...

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