April 30, 2014

Never Hung Over: A Review

Posted by Becka

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to try out a new product, Never Hung Over. The instructions were to drink a bottle, about the size of an energy shot, per every four drinks. 

I decided to use it while out on the town. And what better place to try it than on the Vegas strip?! 

At first, I almost forgot to take the first bottle because I did not expect to drink more than a couple. So after my first drinks I had the first bottle. It wasn't as bad tasting as I thought it would be (those little bottles of energy shots are not that great tasting, to ma anyway!) 

After the first four, which were paced out over a couple hours, I had two more. Since I knew I was going to stop there, I had another bottle, just in case. 

Normally, after about six to eight drinks in a night, one would wake up with a very large headache and most likely very sick. But the next morning it was like I did not drink a drop the night before! 

I would highly suggest this to anyone who may want to have a weekend of drinking, especially when they are drinking more than usual as I did. I was even thinking this would be great to sell on the Vegas strip and anywhere else people will be in high need of this product! 

I still have 4 bottles left and I plan on using them when I visit San Diego in July, or at least bringing them, just in case! If I had a way to resell these, I would! 

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