November 18, 2013

Wow it's been 5 weeks! And how we are all connected...

Posted by Becka
I was looking through Instagram and I noticed that the picture I took the day we left New York was taken 5 weeks ago.

Either I wasn't paying attention, or times goes slower out West. Well, it is a lot more relaxed here :)

I am glad we chose Las Vegas. It really is an amazing place to live. So much to do between parks, malls, the Strip (which we don't go to often but it is pretty at night!) and school functions.

At first I wanted to move to Phoenix since my sister and a few of my there friends are there. I have no regrets about moving here :)

And my other "I was bored" revelation, is that most of us are connected through Facebook, whether we realize it or not. I have mutual friends with people that have never met each other!

Here was my status the other day :) It just amazes my friend said, it is like 6 degrees of separation.

Perusing Facebook, it truly amazes me how many connections we all have with each other. I had a friend suggestion where I had 2 mutual friends with someone. One person I went to high school with in NY and the other being my husband's cousin's husband...there were a lot more, but how much further apart can you get than that? Both live in LA

Yes, simple things amuse me :) 

Off to read yet another book (I really should get my book review blog back up and running!) And take care of a sick 6 year old. :) 


Antionette Blake said...

I haven't been to Vegas in years but it's on my bucket list! Have a wonderful weekend.

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