March 17, 2011

We received another award!

Posted by Becka
My friend Daria over at Mom In Management  awarded me with The Stylish Blogger Award :)

Thank you for all of your support and great posts! I've awarded you with the Stylish Blogger Award. 

My task now: 

  • Thank and link back to the person who awarded me this award. (SEE ABOVE)

  • Share 7 things about myself. (SEE BELOW) 

  • Award 15  great bloggers. (SEE BELOW THAT) 

  • Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award! (DONE!) 

  • So 7 things about me: 
    1. I recently accepted 2 volunteer positions with The Mommies Network
    2. I enjoy traveling, which is one reason I miss my husband's old job in Albany. We traveled all over! 
    3. My first Disney experience was going at age 19 to work there! I had never been before, and have yet to go beck :( 
    4. If money would allow it, I would move to Arizona. I always liked it, and my BFF from high school recently moved, and is teasing me about the weather! 
    5. I have visited 20 states, and would like to visit more!
    6. I own almost a month worth of flip flops, and I still don't think that is enough! 
    7. I am usually the ones my friends come to, when they need someone to talk to. It has been like this since middle school! I love it :) 

    The 15 bloggers I awarded are...(some I know and others I just came across their blog!) 

    1. Beth, a local mom blogger and friend for 6 years, over at The Angel Forever
    2. Dawn, my friend of almost 9 years, at Flirting With Thirty
    3. Todd, an awesome guy and blogger over at The Reluctant Daddy
    4. Carolyn, a NYC mom and blogger, and someone I hope to meet someday over at NY City Mama
    5. The Mental Swirl A very neat blog that I enjoy reading! 
    6. Annie at Maximum Chaos. This blog is a must read!
    7. Andrea at Good Girl Gone Redneck. A former NYer living in North Carolina.
    8. Jen at My Boss Is Teething. One of my followers, and great blogger! 
    9. Mad For Reading Great blogs with some helpful posts! 
    10. Sara, Owner of Wee Hands over at The Baby Signing Blog
    11. A Tall Drink Of Sweet Tea A blog I came across from another blog
    12. Jessica at Punk Rock Mama
    13. Mommy on the Fly
    14. Joni, a fellow mom and blogger at Six Cherries on Top
    15. Gabby at Work Of Childhood. A wonderful homeschooling mama and blogger! 

    If you were selected, copy the image above and pass it along! 


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