December 29, 2010

And now a negative on the LG Quantum/AT&T Share program

Posted by Becka
I did not want to say anything, but I have to now, since I have been getting the run around from AT&T and the program! Ever since I got the phone, I have had a couple problems.

First, it was supposed to come with its own SIM card...I have yet to get this. I have spent a lot of my own $$ on things for the phone since I got it. I am glad I could use my own number, but still...

Second, I have had to use either the ear buds or buy a Bluetooth set, in order to talk on the phone...I can hear the person on the other end, but they can not hear me without either of the aforementioned items.

Third, when I tried to talk to the store about it, because I did not buy it at a store, they told me to call customer service...and I did. I have been on the phone with them almost 2 days straight, because they can not figure out a way to exchange the phone for a new one that works! I am not waiting on a call, they said by the 30th, to see if they can do anything at all for me! I have even emailed Kyle Wiebalk, the contact person for the program, and have yet to hear anything.

You would think that, when you ask a person to blog about your phone and program, that you would provide better customer service!!! I apparently GOT this THROUGH AT&T, so why the "investigation" into what they may or may not be able to do for me!?

I will update when I know more, but this is really ticking me off! I have to scramble for a headset or earpiece and always miss a call...and end up using the iPhone anyway!

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