May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's day to me...not!

Posted by Becka
So this morning, instead of sleeping in, I get to deal with screaming, fighting kids, while my dear husband got to sleep. Then he proceeds to find things to do around the house...that could have been done yesterday, while I have to again, deal with the kids. Yea, he made breakfast...but he likes to do that every weekend, so really, nothing special there.

The highlight of my day was looking at the presents my two older kids got me!!

The sweet thing is, my oldest, on Friday, called and asked for "extra money for lunch" and came home with these flowers! He is such a sneaky guy, and I LOVE him!! The framed thing is from my daughter from her class from the Mother's Day lunch on Thursday!

If you can't read it, it says:

This is Rebecca Marsch 
She makes the best macaroni and cheese 
She is good at reading 
She has the most beautiful earrings 
I love her because she puts me to bed a lot 

LOL Yes, because I put her to bed a lot! That's my girl!

But what did my husband get me? What did he have the two make me or do for me? As my 3 year old says when asked what ZERO means...NOTHING! Not a thing! Yea he says "well I couldn't afford a card!" REALLY?! Even so, we have construction paper, a printer, we have glue, crayons, craft items...MAKE ONE FOR GODS SAKE! Heck pick me some flowers from the damn yard! ANYTHING!

Yea this is my typical Mother's I probably should just be use to it...and apparently avoid places like Facebook, where I see what the other awesome husbands are doing for their wives today!

Ok going to go find a book, and crawl in a hole now.

Happy Mother's Day...

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