June 9, 2010

286 Ramblings Of A Stay At Home Mom

Posted by Becka
Ok I know I said I was going to do a contest. THANK you ALL for getting me to this point!!! I had one person reply, but many more followers!! So that person will get a prize, also, visit her at
Mommy Mumbo Jumbo! Now I am moving up in the world! I do need to get my blogging on more lol. Especially my other blogs, that I have been neglecting. But this now being my main one, I keep forgetting about them!

Stay at home, business owning mom of 4 young kids, Nick the Sportsman, Michele the Princess, Wyatt the Wild One, and Evan the Baby. Bachelor in Early Childhood Development and Education, with 20 years experience. I could not ask for anything more!

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