November 19, 2016

Boy Meets Witch by G.A. Rael: Interview

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Boy Meets Witch
The White Cat Chronicles
Book 1
G.A. Rael

Genre: Paranormal, Fantasy

Date of Publication: 11/17/16


Number of pages: 186
Word Count: 70,000

Book Description:

“Are you an angel?" Harper asked, pleading internally for the answer to be no.

The tall, white-haired man gave a low chuckle. "Not quite. What I am isn't nearly as important as who you are--and what I can do for you."

Harper Adams is a witch on the run--from her past as a faith healer turned accidental arsonist, and from the power she's kept locked away her whole life. She thinks she's finally found a place she can settle down and call home in the picturesque town of Cold Creek, Vermont, but a mysterious white cat who may or may not be bent on taking the curvaceous witch's soul has other plans.

Harper's compassion soon gets the best of her and earns her an unwanted reputation as the town miracle worker as well as the ire of sexy veterinarian and militant atheist, Darren St. Clair. Cold Creek's residents have a few supernatural secrets of their own, and Harper will have to face the destiny that led her to the last place a witch in hiding needs to be--that is, if Darren doesn't have her chased out of town with a pitchfork-wielding mob before she gets the chance.

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Author Interview

How old were you when you first became
 interested in writing?

I've been writing since I can remember. I didn't have a computer until I was 13, so it was mostly an old typewriter gifted from my grandma and spiral notebooks in those days, but I've been telling stories ever since! 

Who are your target readers?

Anyone who enjoys highly character-driven paranormal stories with an offbeat take on vampires, witches, werewolves and demons. 

How long did it take for you to write
this book?

I actually wrote Boy Meets Witch, Trial by Fire and A Wedding and a Funeral (the first three books in The White Cat Chronicles) in one six-month block, but BMW underwent the most changes. In total, about 3 months for BMW. 

What was the inspiration for this

Primarily folklore, the Biblical apocalypse and my own take on the magical universe as a witch. I've also always been drawn to love stories that evolve into more than just a love triangle, and that dynamic unfolded naturally as I got to know Harper, Darren and Locke.  

Are there any plans to continue this

Absolutely! This is a continuing series, and Trial by Fire and A Wedding and a Funeral will be out shortly after the release of Boy Meets Witch with many more to come. I'm looking forward to exploring different aspects of Harper's world. 

Did the story pan out the way you
 planned, or did the characters take another direction?

Absolutely not, and Locke is largely to blame (or thank, depending on how much editing is involved in any particular installment)! There's a lot more to him than I ever imagined when the sassy cat demon first popped into my mind. Harper also grew a lot and made choices that I hadn't originally planned, but I think that always makes a story better. 

Would you like to see your book come
 alive on the big screen?

I've always "seen" the events in this series in my head like a TV show, so I think that would be amazing!

If so, who would be your dream cast?

I think Kat Dennings would make an amazing Harper. Chris Messina and a young Tom Cruise are Darren and Dennis respectively in my head. Reeve Carney is the only actor I've come across who has that Locke "vibe." 

Social media/website links?

I love connecting with readers on FacebookTwitter and Goodreads!

What are your favorite genres?

Paranormal romance, urban fantasy, witch cozies and horror, but I'm a sucker for anything with romance and a hint of the supernatural.

Who are some of your favorite authors?

Oh gosh, too many to count so I'll have to narrow it down to H.P. Mallory, J.R. Ward, H.M. Ward, and Charlaine Harris.

Did you ever think you would become
 a published author?

For nearly a decade, my focus was just on writing stories for me. I'd get up early before school to write a couple of chapters, then come home after work and write until bedtime. If it wasn't for a push from my husband to self-publish, I'm not sure I ever would have!  

If you had any writer’s block, how
 did you work around it?

For me, the only way to get over writer's block is to write. 99% of the time, it happens because the story has reached its natural conclusion or the characters are "protesting" something that just doesn't fit their motives. There's always a workaround for plot snags, but the only way out is through.

What do you want your readers to take
 away, from their time reading your book?

I hope they have fun, first and foremost! If other people can come into this world, feel at home and get to love the people who live in it the way I do, that's my idea of success. 

Any other thoughts or words of wisdom
 you would like to pass on?

For other writers, don't get discouraged by the process. Reader or writer, we're all here for the characters, so keep the focus on them and you'll have a story worth telling!

About the Author:
G.A. Rael is a practicing witch and author of paranormal romance and mysteries. She's had a lifelong love affair with all things that go bump in the night, and it's her firm belief that monsters deserve their happily-ever-afters, too. When she isn't writing, you can find G.A. watching campy horror films with her husband and two cats in beautiful seaside New England.

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